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custom metal fabrication by Mike Ensminger

I have been welding for over a decade and I am certified in gas, arc and mig welding. My capabilities range from 2d decorative pieces to 3-dimensional sculptures.


My art has an industrial appeal stemming from the work environment I've been brought up in and the medium I've worked on. I enjoy creating pieces out of steel that others would consider scrap and I enjoy knowing that those pieces will be here long after I'm gone.

A unique part of my style as a creator is that I am flexible and down for the challenge.

For example, I will ask clients if they have had anything passed down to them, or anything that has sat on the shelf for decades, such as "Grandpas hammer". I've found that it gives the artwork a customized appeal, and it brings my clients a lot of joy.


Each sculpture is marked on the bottom with my initials M.E., and they are one of a kind. I am always up for the challenge of new projects, and I am willing to travel on commission. I also love the challenge of large-scale sculptures.


Feel free to reach out through my socials, or email me at

Id be happy to share some ideas with you and possibly create your iron image. 

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